About Me

About Me*

My name is LaChristin; I’m 35 years young and love life to the fullest! I’ve been married for 15 years, and have two beautiful children. My family is my heart and I dedicate a majority of my time to supporting them. I’m a lover of everything fitness, fashion, and natural hair. My passion for helping others, and sharing my life experiences is definitely the driving force behind my blog.

About the Blog*

Through my blog I provide my readers with an up close and personal look at beauty through diversity: diversity of healthy living, diversity of style, and most importantly a diversity of ideas.  I hope to change the way women in particular feel about themselves, and demonstrate that no matter what shade, size, or definition; we’re all beautiful in our own unique way. 

DigitalCurls should be a staple for blog readers, because it’s designed to reflect the uplifting and inspirational journey called life. It speaks directly to those who seek healthy and positive influences to follow. DigitalCurls doesn’t alienate, but opens the hearts and minds of those seeking encouragement. No matter where you’re at or how far you’ve traveled, Digital Curls provides a familiar face that reminds you of home. 


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