Thursday, January 21, 2016

Healthy Snack Options and Food Labels

Snacks for the kids.

We're on snow day number 2 here in the Walke household. Yay! I hope you all aren't experiencing bad weather. I've managed to fit in two dvd workouts daily since the gym is not an option. I also stocked up on snacks earlier this week with the anticipation of snow and the schools closing. 

I purchased a tub of organic Stonyfield french vanilla yogurt over buying the pre packaged stuff. Can you believe that a 1 cup serving has 29 grams of sugar. Appalling right? Especially since they the food industry preaches about how healthy yogurt is supposed to be for you. Food labels can be full of deception. It's imperative that you read them. It will save you and your family unnecessary weight gain. 


What I did to cut the sugar in half was measure out one 1/2 cup; pairing it with 1/4 cup of apple slices and strawberries. Many brands that are out on the market have insane amounts of sugar. These companies bank on you not reading the labels. The Stonyfield brand was the least expensive for what I needed. I'm not an organic ONLY type of person, but it fits within my budget I'll purchase it. I don't knock those who can afford and have access to all things organic. I'm just speaking from my reality. 

What are some of your favorite go to snacks?

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