Friday, December 25, 2015

Welcome to My Home: Christmas Decor Tour

Welcome to my home.

I purchased this wreath at Home Depot. It's has LED battery operated lights that come on when it gets dark. They also turn off on there own. 

Beaded Christmas trees. 

I splurged on this gorgeous beaded lumbar pillow a few weeks ago while shopping at Pier One Imports. The minute laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it.  It was definitely more than I wanted to spend, but I felt it would pay its self off over time. The details are so beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice. It's now on sale for less than what I paid. Click here for details.

At night.

Jingle bells.

Jingle bells, handmade (from Germany) reindeer carousal, Santa await you in the entryway.

Dove chocolates in Santa's bag.

Ornament holder.

I also picked this cute ornament holder up from Pier One Imports a few days ago. It's holds my beautiful glass ornament I purchased at a German Christmas Market while living abroad. On sale now here.

Wreath DIY.

I wanted to hang a wreath on my mirror this year so I set out to find an inexpensive option and to no avail. When I spotted the very plain 22 inch wreath at Target for $8 bucks I had to have it. The box of pine cones were also purchased there for $6 dollars. The crazy wire glitter spheres came from Pier One Imports at  $0.75 cents each. On sale now here


I kept the wreath simple for now. I may add more flair to it next year. I think it turned out beautiful.

Command hook.

This was perfect for hanging my wreath giving it a seamless look.

Angel stocking holder


I purchased all of the stocking holders at Target for $10 dollars a few years ago. They bring them back every year though.

Finished look.

Finished look.

LED light up rattan cone.


I added these large artificial poinsettia stems to my floor vase for a pop of color.

Christmas tree. 

Glass ornament.
I hope you enjoyed checking out my Christmas decor tour. I hope to add more to this next year. 

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