Thursday, December 24, 2015

All in a day: Fitness, Food and Shopping

The washing of the collards.

I started my Christmas dinner prep Monday morning with the cutting and washing of fresh collard greens. I want to be able to relax Christmas day and not have to worry about this dish or that dish.

LaChristin loving what she sees.

Woke up early Tuesday morning to do cardio and abdominal work. I'm no longer a slave to a certain type of body aesthetic. Thank goodness. After competing over the summer my confidence in how I felt about how my body was at an all time low. I'll explain further in another post, but for now I'm now looking forward to shaping my body (bodybuilding) the way I want it to look. I've been (cardio)skinny, muscular, curvy, and lean. I now know exactly what it takes for my body to achieve those results. I'm at a happy place of balance with little stress about fitness. It's a part of my life, but not my entire life. A new journey begins.

 Samson and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. 

 A beautiful sunset that could be seen in the neighboring neighborhood.

Caught this gorgeous pink sunset as I was driving home.

Breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner is always good. Especially when you're too lazy to cook. lol. Hubby makes the best cheese scrambled eggs. We kept things simple and paired it with toast and jam. I love Cascadian Farms organic fruit spreads. They're low in sugar, carbs and contain zero fat. So far I've tried the strawberry and blackberry flavors.

A treat from the neighbors.

This beautiful box of Belgian truffles was given to us by our neighbors for Christmas along with advent calendars for the boys. So kind and sweet of them, but I'm going to hold off on opening this up for a while. I have pies and cookies being prepared tomorrow. I must pace myself. Ha!

Dressing room selfies.

Wednesday is here and I had a lot to accomplish all before lunch time. The boys and I dropped Mr. Samson off to the groomers to beautified. With their 3DS game devices in tow they quietly entertained themselves while I shopped for a few things. They will usually find a quite place to sit in each store because trying to play those games and walk at the same time can prove to be difficult. lol!  The weather was warm, but it was raining cats and dogs. My braid n curl just soaked it up and expanded with each store we visited. We were under a tornado watch that luckily passed us by. Many others in the South region weren't so lucky. My thoughts and prayers go out to those families. 

The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery.

I stopped by my favorite cupcake shop The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery to pick myself up a little treat for Christmas. This is just one of the cases pictured. There were entirely too many delicious choices to choose from. Cake batter, red velvet, pecan chocolate, strawberry, etc. I end up picking cookies and creme. Yum! If you live in Clarksville they are definitely worth checking out.

Mini cupcakes.

If you still can't decide on what flavor you want try their mini cupcakes. They come in several assorted flavors. 

Pink tree.

They have the cutest little shop. Pink tree anyone? I love it!

Cookies and creme jumbo cupcake.

How cute is Santa Clause? lol.

Samson the standard poodle puppy.

I should have taken a before picture. He looks so different when he gets his hair cut. My little fur baby looked and smelled like a million bucks. He will be ready for our Christmas photo Friday.

Sam Bam.

He just turned 5 months old on the 18th of December. He is getting big so fast. I still can't believe he's ours some days. I love him and spoil him rotten.

Here are a few items I picked up from Target

Cami and tank top.

Infinity scarf

All warm weather accessories were marked down to 30% off. 

Black beanie and jewelry. 

This past few days have been very productive. I can't wait to sit back and relax this weekend. 

Nighttime selfie

Ending the evening with a selfie embracing my round face. Goodnight!

#selflove #acceptance #embracing

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