Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Morning with Me

Photo: @yogaracheal

Good Morning,

I hope you all are doing well on this beautiful Tuesday. I started my day about 6 am with a tall glass of water followed by yoga. I've been drinking water first thing in the morning (before eating) for about 6 months now. I love how it immediately awakens my body. It's been known to encourage the production of hematopoiesis, which is called new blood. This helps the body restore itself. Click here to learn more about the health benefits. 

I practice yoga here and there, but never consistently.  I really want to learn and grow more in the practice so I'm making an earnest effort now. I plan to sign up for classes, read books, and practice at home. I found Adriene's yoga channel a while back and love her no fuss approach for beginners. I used the video below this morning to get me going.

After yoga, I brewed an 8 oz cup of caffeine free Yogi detox tea. I decided to add in a tea bag of Alvita dandelion root and a sliced lemon with no sweetener. I allow that to steep for 12 minutes and enjoy. I just recently purchased the Yogi detox tea, but have been using the Alvita dandelion tea for a few weeks now. I like both of them so far. They help support liver function. I will be consuming the Yogi detox tea once a day for the next 10 days.

The Keurig cups are recyclable. Awesome!

While sipping my tea I read, My Utmost For His Highest. 

I kept breakfast simple with a serving of cream of wheat, strawberries and boiled eggs. 

How do you like to start your day? Please comment below.

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