Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Leg Twerk

I woke up feeling much better than yesterday. The extra rest and hydration certainly did the trick. I fueled my body with oats and banana before heading out to the gym.

Music performed by Busta Rhymes (feat. Nicki Minaj) "Twerkit"

Although, I was feeling better I didn't want to go hard core on my leg routine. I incorporated a few plyo moves such as jump squats and jump lunges to keep my heart rate up through out. My legs still felt like jello despite my efforts to tone down my normal workout. Lol! What can I say; I love working my lower half. 

I cooked chicken and broccoli over jasmine rice for dinner. It was spicy and delicious. 

 Click here for a chicken and broccoli recipe I found on Foodnetwork.com. If you don't have time to prepare all of the fresh ingredients yourself. The international aisle at your local grocery store should carry the sauce. All you would need to do is prepare the chicken and broccoli. The sauce is by Panda brand (Lee Kum Kee). It's for beef, but can be used for the chicken. 

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