Monday, September 15, 2014

Hanging with LC (Weekend Recap)

Note to Self

On Friday's, I usually work my hamstrings, glutes, calves and abs combined with a low impact cardio. I make sure to eat enough carbs to power my body through an intense workout. I may have pancakes, oatmeal, bagel, toast, waffles, high fiber cereal etc. I went with a bagel topped with cream cheese and a serving (one tablespoon) of strawberry preserve. Can you see why I love leg days? lol

I managed to burn 1258 calories from that workout. I love wearing my FT 7 Polar heart rate monitor watch. It keeps me motivated allowing me to check heart rate, intensity, and calorie burn. One of the best fitness investments I've made. I've owned it for two years now with no problems.

I may or may not have stopped at the Sushi restaurant on my way home from the gym. Ha! Busted. I knew hubby was meeting me at home for lunch so I wanted to surprise him with favorite sushi roll. I picked up a salad and roll for myself as well. I can eat sushi everyday of the week. I love it!

The Color Purple

On Saturday, I played in my garden. I got rid of some summer flowers that were on their last leg of the season. I'm patiently waiting for ornamental cabbage to make its way to the nursery. I look forward to adding this delightful plant to my garden for the fall/winter season.

On Sunday, I ran a few errands while hubby and the boys went to go their hair cut. I was on the hunt for jeans for my little men. I scored some great deals at Old Navy and Children's Place. All jeans were on clearance for $10 and $12 dollars plus more. Boy's can be very rough on clothes so I'm very appreciative of the deals both stores had to offer during pre fall season. While browsing the aisles at Target I came across Shea Moisture African black soap. I fondly remember using this soap during my high school days and loving it. I was excited to be adding it back into my skin care regimen. 

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