Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hanging with LC (Labor Day Weekend Recap)

The Birthday Boy and I.

Written by Mrs. LC

Friday marked a special day for my entire family, but it was especially special for my youngest son.  He was extremely excited to be celebrating his eighth birthday, and made his excitement known by wearing his birthday button to school. His joy and appreciation most notably shined through when mom and dad surprised him at school during lunch to serenade him with our rendition of happy birthday, and pass out cupcakes to his entire class!

Only $12 bucks on clearance. Score!

Saturday I ambitiously sought out Labor Day sales at a few of my favorite department stores. My quest surrounded discovering stylish fitness gear at discounted prices. Low and behold my journey proved successful, as I was able to purchase a few pieces to add to my collection.

Fila, BCG, Tek Gear Brands.

I have a strong fondness for Nike fitness apparel that dates back to 2007 when I began my healthy lifestyle journey. They were the only ones I knew at the time that had the Dri-Fit technology. If you're unfamiliar with Dri-Fit click here. Within the last several years other brands and non brands have stepped their game up offering better quality clothing to include Dri-Fit. More importantly it's affordable. I still purchase Nike clothing but usually when it's on sale. I frequent TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, Kohls, Nike Factory outlet, Nike.com, 6pm.com, and many other online retailers.

Fila, BCG, Tek Gear Brands.

Watching Intently.

Sunday our family took an outing to the movies to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My kids having been patiently waiting to see these heroes in a half shell, and TMNT did not disappoint. Its action packed scenes kept the attention of all moviegoers, the whole family gave it two thumbs up, and surprisingly my husband didn't fall asleep!

My World!

Upon our return from the movie theatre; I snapped this beautiful picture of my three favorite guys. I couldn't help but get emotional looking at them. I'm truly blessed and thank God daily for these precious gifts.

Monday rolled around starting the first day of September. You know what that means? Summer will be coming to an end. We will lose an hour of precious sleep and cooler weather will prevail. Our plan was to BBQ on the grill today, but it rained all morning and was expected to rain the rest of the day. I'm not complaining because my grass and flowers were ever so appreciative of it. We had a very long drought between late July and the last week of August. There is nothing like Mother Natures gift of nutrients to perk up flowers, grass, and things alike.  

Since the cooking out was not an option. I pulled out my trusty Pampered Chef stoneware and decided to roast chicken wings for dinner instead. I prepped the chicken by washing, seasoning, and cutting the wing tips off each piece. I put them into a zip lock bag and refrigerated them for 7 hours. List of seasons I used below.

Seasons Used: 
McCormick's low sodium season all
Mrs. Dash garlic and herb
McCormick's garlic powder
Black pepper

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Optional: Drizzle (just enough to coat) extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of your pan. Remove the chicken from the marinade bag and arrange them into the pan like pictured above. Place chicken into the oven and set your timer for one hour.  In a small bowl melt two tablespoons of butter and then generously sprinkle in McCormick's Italian season blend. The butter is going to create a beautiful brown crust on the chicken. Take the chicken out of the oven around the thirty-minute mark. Baste the top of each wing with the butter blend you just made using a basting brush. Return to the oven to finish the last thirty minutes of cooking. This technique will yield a crusty and tender chicken wing. 

End Result.

I paired it with roasted asparagus and a baked sweet potato. This meal was simple, healthy, and full of flavor.

Tell me about your weekend?


  1. Chicken looks delish- I need to try this!! :)

  2. Please do I promise you'll love it. :)


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