Monday, September 22, 2014

Hanging Out with LC (Weekend Recap)

Friday, I went into the lab (gym) to work on hamstrings, glutes, and abs.  

On my way home I picked up some chicken pho from a new restaurant in our area that just recently opened.  The menu had a lot of options, but I kept it simple. I needed protein to feed my muscles after  that intense workout. It was my first time trying authentic pho. The broth was out of this world. It had chunks of boiled white meat chicken, cilantro, green onions, fresh bean sprouts, and jalapeño all over a bed of rice noodles. 

I went out later to run errands. I stopped by Kohl’s to check out a few sales they had going on. I took the opportunity to take a few selfies while I was at it.  Do you turn your phone on silent when taking pictures in the dressing room?  A girl has to be discreet about that. lol

While in Target, I picked up Oyin handmade juice and berries leave in on sale for $12.99. I will let you know my thoughts on this product after I use it.

Saturday, I woke up to make the family breakfast. My kids love the weekends because they know I'll make their favorites like pancakes and bacon. During the weekdays the typically eat a lighter breakfast.  I had a craving for some sort of breakfast sandwich. I knew I had a few everything bagels. So I decided to make an egg white, avocado, bacon and cheese bagel panini. 

It was so good. I'd definitely give Panera Bread a run for their money with this one. I even thought about selling them to raise funds for the FRG for my Husbands unit. I know I could sell them like hot cakes. This is not something you want to consume everyday, but in moderation. 

I headed over to TJ Maxx in search of a throw and comforter set for my guest bed. I came across this monstrous bottle of conditioner that I just recently started using. I love the pump feature on this bottle. It cost just $12.99 for 33.8 fluid ounces. This bottle should last me a while. 

I also picked up these cute little coffee mugs that came with their own little coaster/cupholder for just $3.99. I love them! 

When I returned home Hubby surprised me with these lovely cupcakes from my favorite bakery Sweetest Batch Cupcakery here in Clarksville. If you live in the area you must check them out. Your palate will not be disappointed.  

Sunday, I made my way over to my local Home Depot store to pick up some mulch and fertilizer for my trees and shrubs plus a few other items. 

The fall mums are were on display. They're so pretty! 

I have never seen white pumpkins. I thought they looked pretty cool. 

I felt like I was in the middle of a pumpkin patch. There was definitely  no shortage on pumpkins. They had all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

I had to go to Lowes to pick up my ornamental cabbage and kale because Home Depot hadn't received their shipment. 

I made a quick pit stop at Panera Bread for my favorite drink, iced green tea, before making my way back home to work in my garden.  

Check out my new garden gloves. Pretty in pink! They were super comfortable and only cost $4.99 at Home Depot.

I pulled out all of my pink summer petunias and replaced them with purple ornamental kale. I laid down fresh mulch and gave white vinca a little trim. 

I couldn't leave my pot all empty so I filled it with some mini pumpkins, squash, corn, mums, kale, and cabbage. I think it turned out great. 

All items were less than ten dollars. 

Dinner was spicy spaghetti topped with parmesan and asiago cheese with a side of steamed zucchini. 


  1. I have to try these dishes. I have to admit that though I hate to cook, I've been trying some of the dishes you prepared. I tried a few last week and this week and they came out great (chicken tenderloins, rice pilaf, and zucchini, a dish that contained scallops, and few breakfast ideas). Thank you!

    Now I need to use the inspiration you give to get outside in the flower bed. *fingers crossed*

  2. Enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

  4. Hello Sonja, I'm thrilled you've been trying some of the meals I posted. The chicken tenderloins, rice pilaf, and zucchini sound delicious. Please don't hesitate to share a picture.

    I didn't know what I was doing about a year ago when I first started planting flowers either. I did a lot of research this year and my efforts paid off. Start with a flower pot instead of a full garden if you must. Do your research and you'll do just fine.

    Thank you for the continued support! :)


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