Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Much Needed Trim (My Natural Hair)

I went to go visit a natural hair stylist today (insert scream). It has been six longs years since I've allowed anyone to touch my hair. In fact the last time I got it done was when I "Big Chopped". I've managed to dust my ends through out the years whenever it needed it, but I noticed some breakage and split ends that needed to be addressed ASAP. It can be daunting searching for a natural hair stylist you feel you can trust with your precious tresses, but I had no choice.  After a long an exhausting search I came across a nice young women by the name of Angel. I set up a consolation to discuss my natural hair wants and needs. I made my appointment and was ready to proceed. 

Tuesday the morning of my appointment was here and I was anxious despite having gone over the details with her. We talked again about the length that was going to be taken off. One inch to an inch and a half. After an hour of shaping and trimming I was left with a beautiful fluffy afro. I was elated! I could immediately tell the difference in how my hair felt. I was ready to take over the world. lol! Maybe not, but you know that feeling you get when you leave the salon looking good. Yes that was me. 

Cutting my hair six years ago was one of the best decisions I could have mad for my hair. My goal has always been to grow healthy hair and I'm doing just that. 

How has your experience been in the salon? 

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