Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back and Biceps + Healthy Meals

Written by Mrs. LC

In pursuit of avoiding the early morning rush, I decided to wait my happy behind at home until yesterday afternoon before stepping foot in the gym. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to move freely around without interruption. Before heading out I fueled my body with carbohydrates and protein from Greek yogurt and granola. It was the perfect pre-workout snack. I do not, I repeat, I do not consume any of the pre-workout drinks they have on the market! I've seen the side effects up close on people I know and it's not very appealing. I like to get all of my energy from whole foods. 

My workout consisted of a variety of exercises targeting my back, biceps, inner and outer thighs, and abdominal muscles. Couldn't resist a fitness selfie before leaving. Lol!

My son greeted me with this envelope when he got in from school. Inside was a Otis Spunkmeyer cookie fundraising form. I'll take one of each flavor please! Seeing this brought back memories of when I was in high school, and the fresh smell of cookies baking would sell these to raise funds for different things in the school. They were three for a dollar. My favorite kind was chocolate chip. I will definitely be buying at least one container. I have to see if they still taste the same you know. Ha!

Around five o'clock I heard a loud bang at my front door. I approached with caution, because I'm not the one for answering doors if I'm not expecting anyone. I peeked out the window and saw the UPS truck driving off. I opened the door with excitement, because I knew he had just left the shoes I ordered a few days ago. 

I was in dire need of some new running shoes and had put it off long enough. I used to be a Nike airmax lover for years, but the past two years I was hooked on the Vibram fivefinger trainers and Asics gel noosa running shoes. Whelp, I rekindled my love for them again. It also helped they were on sale at They feel just like they did years ago when I wore them. It feel just like you're running on air. I look forward to testing them out in the gym. 

Dinner: sautéed boneless and skinless chicken tenderloins, roasted zucchini, and rice pilaf. We all   devoured our plates. 


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