Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Wonderland in Clarksville

Winter Wonderland

We got a decent amount of snow fall last night and early this morning leaving neighborhood winter white. Needless to say school was closed and so was post. I was excited to be spending a snow day with the entire family.

I stepped out side briefly to snap a few pictures. I'm not going complain too much about it because this is the most snow we've had in Clarksville all winter. 

Good Morning Selfies.

I walked into the kitchen and caught my handsome husband preparing what was to be a surprise breakfast for me. He makes the best scrambled eggs! After breakfast we sat around and talked politics, sports, and future plans. I know for most people the inconvenience of snow days can be a pain, but I took it as an opportunity to connect with my husband and children.


I kept dinner very simple tonight. Pan searing boneless and skinless chicken tenderloins over roasted asparagus with homemade honey mustard sauce.


After dinner treat.

I enjoyed 1/2 of a cup of gourmet caramel popcorn with mixed nuts after dinner. I hope you all had a adventurous Monday.

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