Monday, March 3, 2014

Proud Momma

Youth Art Month

Yesterday we were invited to attend the opening ceremony of Youth Arts. My youngest son, Brycen was one of twenty children chosen among 950 students from his school to have their art displayed in the City Public Library. The theme for his grade level (2nd) was cupcakes. He has a passion for drawing and goes through paper like water. We're very proud of him! 

His picture (cup cake) is on the bottom left corner. 


After we left the Art presentation we let the little guy decide on dinner. I enjoyed a cheeseburger, lemon water, and a few fries at one of my favorite burger joints.

How I styled my hair. 

I styled my hair in two large flat twist.  I love how easy and classy this style looks. It's definitely something you can do on tired hair. 

Me in better lighting.

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