Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Weight Loss Journey of Tangie


1. Why is fitness or being fit important to you?
Being fit is important to me because I have a lot of purpose bottled up inside of me and I had to come to the realization that there was no way that I could fulfill that purpose in an unhealthy body.

2. What or whom is the source of your motivation?
I am motivated by the women that I've been called to serve.  There are a lot of private battles that you have to overcome on this journey.  So to see that my courage and tenacity inspires someone else, it motivates me to keep going despite the difficulties.


3. What if anything has changed about your diet and/or eating habits?
Well I used to be a big bread eater and sweet tea drinker! Currently, I eat very little bread and drink water and green tea.

4. How has that change contributed to your weight loss?
Breads have a very high glycemic index that converts to sugar rapidly.  And couple that with my daily intake of sweet tea, the pounds began to add up very quickly.  Drastically minimizing my intake of the two also minimized bloating and allowed me to shed the pounds.


5. What has been your greatest challenge or hurdle during your weight loss journey?
The mental part. Very few people address that.  I had to reframe my thinking as it related to what I felt that I "deserved."  At the end of a long day or stressful situation, many of us want to run to sweets or "feel good" foods because, after all, we "deserve" it, right?.  But the truth I had to come to was that what I deserve is a healthy, fit body.  And any foods or activities that do not promote that are not helping me achieve that goal. And, in fact, are working against me.

6. Do you have any advice for others trying to lose weight?
Make your changes slowly.  Many times we start off trying to do too much at one time and we get overwhelmed and lose our stamina. When I first started, if you would have told me that I'd be doing some of the things that I'm doing now, I wouldn't have believed you.  But as my mind changed, I was able to make different choices because I understood the benefits of doing so.  If you pace yourself, you will have a better chance at long-term success.

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