Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cardio Fun + Healthy Meals


Asparagus are in season right now, so I've been taking advantage of the low prices. I roasted a small bunch in extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, and kosher salt. I love eating them for breakfast with a runny egg over some sort of toasted bread. Check my other recipe using poached eggs here.

Jacobs Ladder and the Versa Climber.

Music performed by Pusha T "No Regrets" (feat. Jeezy & Kevin Cossom)

I tested out some new machines at the gym today during my cardio session. I started out on the Jacobs Ladder, which left me winded after a solid twenty minutes straight. This machine works every inch of your body. It's a self paced machine that goes as fast as you move. You know I had to give it my all or go home. lol! I really enjoyed it and look forward to using it more. The Versa Climber was as equally challenging; giving my quads and gluteus a run for their money. Ha! Have you tried these machines at your gym? How did you like the experience?

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After my workout, I met up with Hubby for a quick lunch date at home. I enjoy quality time with my husband any chance I get. He works a lot of long hours so we dedicate time to each other as often as possible. I decided to make us something special that was healthy, quick, and delicious. Using some store bought ravioli and marinara sauce; I completed the meal in just 15 minutes. I added a garden salad and seared scallops on the side. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Lunch for two.

Tomato ravioli topped with marinara and scallops.

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