Thursday, January 2, 2014

Path to Increase Resistance


I’ve got legs and I know how to use, infuse, enthuse, and abuse them! Today I gave my recently purchased Bally Total Fitness “Pilates Power Band” the old college try, and let’s just say it this band rocks! I incorporated it into a variety of exercises I typically perform during my leg routine(s). I simply couldn’t resist, or would it be more appropriate to state, resistance was futile, at least for my hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and gluteus!

Music Performed by Mos Def "UMI Says
In this video, I'm performing a series of exercise moves using my new Pilates Power Band. 

The “Pilates Power Band” definitely lived up to its name, and I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize it on my next trip to the gym. It has adjustable straps that attach to your ankles or wrists, which tighten to your level of comfort with the assistance of a Velcro. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it all uncomfortable, and the “Pilates Power Band” is lightweight, compact, and would easily fit into any bag. Trust me, this exercise tool is convenient, and relatively inexpensive; I purchased mine for $4.99!  

Music performed by Mos Def " UMI Says

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