Thursday, January 2, 2014

On the Trails of a New Year

The Greenway 

The last day of the year was brought in by fairly cold weather here in the Volunteer State. I decided to skip the gym and opted for a quick run at the (now leafless) Greenway Trails. The air was crisp and the scene was serene. Squirrels scurried around, as I ran through their neck of the woods listening to James Brown. It was just my thoughts and I; a time of reflection on how far I’d come this year physically, spiritually, and mentally.

On the last stretch of my run, I saw two beautiful deer sprint right across my path. I was in awe and scared all at the same time! Four miles and 38 minutes later, my run was complete, and I returned home to my husband and children who were anxiously waiting my arrival. We counted our blessings for this past year, while enjoying pizza and wings. At 12:00 a.m. sharp the fireworks went off in and around our neighborhood. I stood there safely watching from behind my window counting my blessings; 2014 has arrived! Happy New Year!

A look back on my fitness journey from January through December 2013. 

Music performed by Simply Red "Holding Back the Years"

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