Thursday, January 9, 2014

How I've Overcome Goal Setting Mistakes

Through trial and error, I've developed a steady practice of setting daily goals on a smaller scale. My daily goals could potentially consist of any of the following: reading a chapter of the Book of Proverbs, refraining from interacting on social media outlets for four to six hours, exercising at home for 30 to 45 minutes, etc. All of the above stated goals have a common theme; they're obtainable, and even though the task isn't complex in execution the satisfaction from accomplishing the task cannot be measured or weighed.

With each passing day, as the miniature milestones increase, I gain confidence in my ability to follow through on set goals. The euphoria of accomplishment is extremely motivating! I find my spirit feeling less defeated and overwhelmed, due to finishing each day on a high note knowing I've completed what I set out to do. Through this practice of goal setting, I’m consistently optimistic about tackling tomorrow's challenge(s). 

What are your thoughts? Is this a practice you’d find to be helpful or not? 

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