Friday, December 20, 2013

The Weight Loss Journey of Leslie


Why is fitness or being fit important to you?
Honestly I just really got tired of not loving what I see when I looked at me in the mirror naked. I believe that as woman we need to be in love with us flaws and all.  I wasn’t! Also as Christian what I like to keep at the forefront of my heart is - If Simon the Cyrene wasn't doing what he needed to do physically but solely spiritually, who would have carried the cross that my Savior was going to die on for ALL my ratchetness?!? What would he have said "You know what Jesus, I know you bout to die for our sins and all but because I didn't consider my body needing to be ready for whatever like my spirit.... yea I won't be able to carry the cross the rest of the way for you." - Yea that won't be me!

What or whom is the source of your motivation?
Since I had my daughter in 2005 I always had a mind of motivation but no action behind it. I bought an elliptical in 2010 but still no consistency. Yet it was in 2011 when I was introduced to Anowa Adjah and being over 200lbs and curvyfit as she coined. I begin to be a little more consistent with Simon the Cyrene and Anowa as my motivation. I really turned the corner of making it a lifestyle when I was introduced to LaChristin Walke in late 2012. It was LC’s consistency and normalcy of a mom and her results that made me a sold believer. Most importantly I’m motivated by myself every time I make a choice to workout/eat right over how I “feel”, which has been translated in every area of my life – Make the right choice over how you feel. Totally operating in spirit over flesh!


What if anything has changed about your diet and/or eating habits?
I changed my eating habits from fast food/restaurants to home cooked minimally processed meals. I drink LOTS of water – at least half my body weight in oz on a good day.  I make SLEEP a priority, at least 7-8 hrs (that striving outside of God and no sleep is LAME). I workout at least 4-6 times a week. It's a lifestyle, no diet. Diets and restrictions cause the flesh to want to buck a lot like religion/legalism/tradition vs the relationship with Jesus - which is a lifestyle. Applying the same discipline you have for your relationship with Christ to your eating and exercise is how it became a lifestyle for me.

How has that change contributed to your weight loss?
It has changed my whole life beyond weight loss. My weight loss has become apparent because of making healthy a lifestyle not just a diet to lose weight. My healthier lifestyle has caused me to be more in tune with my body. If I eat something my body doesn’t like, not enough water, or need to exercise my body has a way of telling where I can recognize it. I couldn’t do that before.


What has been your greatest challenge or hurdle during your weight loss journey?
Honestly finding what I love to do as my workout has been my greatest challenge. I have not used the gym for my journey. I have gone one time during my journey. Doing at home workouts has been a challenge because I get bored fast. I also like intense and quick workouts. Those types of workouts are a lot easier to do outside during the warmer months. So really finding what will work for the season I am in my journey. Cardio and fat burn was easy because of my elliptical and DVDs. Now that I am in the season of toning and shaping – strength training & lifting is where I live and challenged to find what I enjoy the most.

Do you have any advice for others trying to lose weight?
I would say honestly just do it. Do something every day that contributes to a healthier you. If you can’t look at yourself naked in the mirror and love the flaws and all – CHANGE IT! You never know what’s on the other side of the mirror until you look and push yourself (blood, sweat, & tears) to see what you want to see. You are a masterpiece – let the sweat and what you eat paint the different hues of your beauty. YOU CAN DO IT! I took away all excuses with not having a gym, extra funds for membership/gym shoes/cute gym clothes! YOU CAN TOO!


DVDs: The COMPLETE collection of DVDs that I've used thus far - Check them out: Turbo Jam by @chalenejohnson | Black Girls Workout by @lanagem @vitaminellen - | Totally Fit by @officialmelb - | Full Body Curve Down by @anowaadjah - | 10 Minute Solution (Kickbox Bootcamp) | 30 Day Shred AND Shred-It With Weights by @jillianmichaels - Walmart | Windsor Pilates Basic 3 DVD Workout Set - | Butt and Thigh Blast by @msjeanettejenkins - or |Nupump Xpress by @nulifefitnesscamp –

TOOLS:  My ONLY other tools: Elliptical machine, Dumbbells -  4lb, 6lb, 20lb, Kettle Bell 10lb, Ankle Weights 5lb, Exercise Ball (used as my bench for exercises) - MEAL PLAN that I've used is Moderation and Portion Control. I don't eat fast food and minimal processed foods as possible. For example if I want a burger I make a burger - grass fed ground beef from a farmers market, veggies and thin buns and make it do what it do. I use majority ground turkey. WATER is extremely important. Drink half your weight in oz. ex: You weigh 100lbs so drink 50oz of water.

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