Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shoulders + Cardio

Rise and shine! Thank God my eyes are wide-open, my body’s well rested, and my mind’s prepared to have a productive day. This morning’s regiment included a brief stint of yoga followed by a light breakfast consisting of yogurt, kiwi fruit, and boiled eggs. 


After fueling my temple, the transition from home to office went off without a hitch! I was off to the gym, and on to the treadmill. I spent 45 minutes performing my routine adding ankle weights to increase the intensity of the workout. My legs were on fire! 


I performed this killer move for 4 sets at 12 repetitions. 

Music performed by Llyod Banks "Protocol"

Fortunately my lower body would receive rest, but for my shoulders and abs it was only the beginning. They were introduced to an amped up and intense strength training session, which added to the above stated cardio workout producing a grand total of 1028 calories burned. I didn’t surrender to fatigue and for my efforts earned confidence in my abilities, and increased upon my endurance.  

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