Sunday, December 29, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect practice makes for perfect execution, and I continue to attempt to work towards perfecting the execution of performing a headstand. I will not quit in my pursuit of properly executing this maneuver, and one of my goals for the upcoming New Year is to continue to incorporate and expand the discipline of Yoga into my daily regimen. In an effort to carry out the above stated resolution, I plan to utilize Yoga to blend the perfect balance between strength, endurance, conditioning, and flexibility. I'm extremely excited about what 2014 has in store! Feel free to view my latest effort in the video footage below.

In this clip I'm practicing toward executing a perfect headstand. There are a variety of methods to performing this maneuver, and the method I utilized may not be ideal for everyone. I’ll caveat my last statement by saying that this video is not a tutorial, and I do not recommend anyone attempting this feat without first building your core strength to include learning the proper form/technique needed for execution.

Music performed by Snakadaktal "Fall Underneath"

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