Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music Makes My Workout Go Round

Music makes my workout go round! It’s an inspirational force that provides me with the motivation I need to finish strong. My body may be tired, my mind may be weary, but no matter what the genre my tunes help to keep me going! Recently I’ve incorporated music from one of the founders of funk, a true musical pioneer, and the “Godfather of Soul” into my routine. My latest playlist is titled “Out of Sight,” and it includes a few of my favorite James Brown hits:

Needless to say, I primarily utilize this collection of tunes to push my body through those grueling cardio sessions. James Brown's music is power pact, and acts as an extension of my endurance conditioning. Trust me, when the rhythm hits it assists me in grinding through pain, and forgetting about the fatigue. I love the fact his sound is intense, evokes an array of emotion, and is full of energy! Music definitely makes my workout go round, and allows me to keep making moves that make a difference!


  1. I'm looking to start getting my fitness life together and find your journey to be most inspiring. I'm curious to know how you knew what to do in the gym when you first started out. I watch your videos and you seem to have a very firm grip on putting together a set of exercises to target certain areas. When I walk into the gym and just get overwhelmed and confused.

    So I guess I'm asking, how'd you know what to do that very first day you walked in the gym? Did you use a trainer or did you just figure it out as you went along?

  2. Thank you for commenting, and I'm flattered that you find my journey to be inspiring. Hearing comments such as yours inspires me to keep doing what I do! In regards to your question, initially I received wonderful tips and/or pointers from a dear friend, and coupled that with research on my own via the Internet and through reading fitness magazines and books. I have never actually hired or paid money for a personal trainer, but that's not to say it's a bad option. They can be extremely helpful and a valuable resource; however, make certain you find a reputable trainer with positive reviews and most importantly the appropriate level of certification. Thanks again for your support, and keep making moves that make a difference!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your successful stories. All of your postings are wonderful - one of thebest I've gotten hooked on from Curly Nikki's site along with Shelli of Hairscades. Keep posting and best wishing to you and all of your viewers for 2014!!!


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