Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Better You, Better Me, Better Us

Has the New Year’s resolution lost its luster? According to the latest poll conducted by CBS News, the answer to the above stated question is an emphatic yes! Sixty-eight percent of Americans surveyed reported they do not entertain or even consider the thought of making New Year’s resolutions. To add insult to injury, only half, who commit themselves to this internal contract, actually honor their commitments. With surveyed data favoring a less than enthusiastic position on self-improvement, is it possible that Americans have become content?

In my opinion, because New Year’s resolutions are typically of a personal nature the impact of not following through with such said goal(s) limits the impact on anyone else outside of themselves. Meaning, if no one but me is or could possibly be hurt by my inability to complete my desired resolution, then I’ll simply try again next year. Without any consequence for not carrying out ones goals, the emphasis on seeing them through is significantly diminished. To delve deeper into this topic, since the numbers reflect so few success stories, as a society, we may have grown weary of even attempting to make resolutions in an effort to alleviate any or all condemnation that comes along with not accomplishing our goal(s). Or maybe it’s not as fashionable in 2014 to publically announce or proclaim that we have New Year’s resolutions.

Whatever the reason and/or reasoning behind the 10% decrease in resolution making over the past two years, I’ll continue every year to conduct an internal review, seek new methods to improve, and develop resolutions in an effort to ultimately become a better me! I plan to be an exception to this statistic, and prayerfully inspire others to do the same. All in all, it’s not about the resolution so much as it’s about achieving results that help us improve our lives! Whether we decide on the first day of a New Year or the twenty-eighth day of February, as long as we’re striving for a better you, better me, and better us, it will all turn out to be a plus! Make Moves That Make A Difference (MMTMAD)!

What are your thoughts, comments, or concerns regarding New Year's resolutions? 

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