Friday, November 22, 2013

Twist Out Fun

Target was having a sale on Miss Jessie's hair care line, and I decided to give Baby Buttercreme a try. I've been natural for nearly 5 years, and up to this point had never purchased their products; primarily due to the above average price tag! 

I started out by washing and conditioning my hair, and then systematically applying the Baby Buttercreme into small sections using the two-strand twist method.  I tied my hair down with a scarf and went to bed letting it air-dry overnight. I unraveled and fluffed my do today, revealing my shrunken twist out. While I wasn’t impressed with this particular hair care selection, I truly love the versatility of my hair! 

Unfortunately, Baby Buttercreme wasn’t well received, and didn’t mesh as seamlessly as I anticipated with my texture. My hair felt moisturized after unraveling the twist; however, I didn't care for the smell or the feel of the product. It had thick Vaseline like consistency. I’m just being honest; I will not be purchasing from their hair care line anytime in the future, especially at the regularly retailed prices.  

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