Thursday, November 21, 2013

Strength in Training

Have no fear ladies, those curves you desire to preserve will not disappear. Contrary to popular belief, strength training is not the arch nemesis of the female anatomy!  Nor is it an exclusive club, where only guys get in for free! You to can reap the rewards of weightlifting without sacrificing those lovely lady lumps! Check it out!

Women can benefit significantly from the positive affects of strength training. In fact, it’s been proven to aid in the reduction of body fat, to develop lean muscle mass, to burn, baby, burn those calories, and to tone, lift and shape your body! Stronger muscles can also help to prevent injuries, and increase your metabolism while at rest.

On a more personal note, I thoroughly enjoy strength training, and the numerous benefits garnered from incorporating it into my workout routine. A young lady who has since become one of my dearest friends introduced me to weightlifting about 7 years ago while living in Germany. Initially the “free weight area” was overwhelming, and quite frankly, a bit intimidating.

Primarily because I wasn't confident in my ability to properly utilize the equipment, and I was self-conscience about my weight. Fortunately, through her support I learned how to manipulate my way around the “free weight area,” and more importantly how to lift using correct form. She was instrumental in building my confidence, and I’m forever grateful! Make Moves That Make A Difference (MMTMAD)!

In this video I'm performing several exercises using dumbbells and a bosu ball. 

Top Left - fire hydrants using a 20 lb dumbbell
Bottom Left - squats on a bosu ball using dumbbells
Middle - jump squats using dumbbells
Top Right - kettlebell swings
Bottom Right - dumbbell stiff dead lifts on a bosu ball

Music performed by Sheila E "Glamorous Life"


  1. *tears* thank you…love you, girl. your friendship and support mean the world to me. you are my inspiration!

  2. Fitness/health/weight loss has been a life long journey for me. So much so, that I struggled with bulimia during my teenage years. I struggled with an altered perception of my body. It seemed as if my mind and body were always in conflict. Thank God for growth, patience, and knowledge. I've learned the importance of food and fitness. This is why fitness and health overall is so important to me. It could have been a lot worse. I have made a commitment to myself to never find out how bad it could be.

  3. Jara Sturdivant-WilsonNovember 27, 2013 at 6:39 PM

    Fitness is important to me because I'm able to unwind from a day or prepare for a day. Fitness acts as a bookend to my days.


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