Monday, November 25, 2013

Not So Turkey After All

Ladies and gentleman, you may be shocked to hear the news I’m about to break, but this Thanksgiving will not be of a traditional variety in my household. Yes, you heard it here first; no turkey will be served on “DigiCurls” menu! Now before anyone gets up in arms about this decision, please afford me an opportunity to announce what I’ve got cooking. 

First and foremost, no plate can be filled without the support of side dishes, and to supplement my plates I have chosen the radiant and ravishing roasted asparagus, the bold and beautiful steamed broccoli, the dashing and delightful taste of dressing, and the candid and often colorful candy yams. For dessert I’ll be serving up sweet potato pie, or as my husband likes to call it “vegetable pie.” Lol! Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, (drum roll please) “DigiCurls” Thanksgiving Day main course is none other than the often overlooked but delicious when properly cooked Cornish game hens! Who’ll be hosting dinner this year? And/or traveling out of town to celebrate with family and/or loved ones?  Whatever you’re doing up this Thanksgiving do it with appreciation and love! Make Moves That Make A Difference (MMTMAD)!

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