Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

In loving memory of my mother whom left a lasting impact and impression on my life. I was afforded an amazing eight years with this beautiful, loving, and kind spirited angel. I miss her dearly and on this day (November 14, 2013) she would have been 54 years young.

I often imagine how my life would have been different if she were still alive in physical form, but I understand that God has a plan. In line with that plan, I’ll continue to His will and make my mother proud! She taught me many valuable lessons, lessons which I instill in my children to this very dayhow to carry myself with honor and distinction, how to walk proud with my head held high, how to treat others as I expect to be treated, and how to stand courageous through adversity. I miss and love her very much, and will always carry-on her legacy. For she may be gone, but certainly not forgotten!

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