Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspirational Insight: The Light

The Light

Amidst the struggle I've experienced within my existence, I continue to pull myself toward the Light that strengthens my spirit. It has a way of providing me with inspiration, and I pray it’ll continue to guide me to be at my best each and everyday! ‪The Light is omnipresent; meaning it's everywhere I need it to be, and I need it to be everywhere I am! Its warmth comforts me when the world is cold and unforgiving. Its insight enlightens me when the world is cruel and deceitful.

The Light is giving and has awarded me with my own light, and I plan to most certainly let it shine! I’m radiant because the Light works in me, on me, and through me. One day it will guide me home, and until then I will be an ambassador of the Light for those who are stuck in the dark. I pray everyone will take an opportunity to experience the Light, and I understand my purpose is to show him or her how the Light has saved me! I am whom I am because of who provides me with the Light!     

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