Monday, February 11, 2013

February Fit Challenge Recap

February fit challenge for today was to hold a 28 second wall sit and then 28 sec plank. I challenged myself a bit further by doing a squat hold (pictured) for 28 seconds. I repeated this 4 times. My legs were on fire by the time I was done. 

My kids were craving tacos so I picked up these bite sized shells up from the local grocer. 150 calories for 4 bite sized shells at 6g of fat. Ingredients are white corn, corn oil and water. We had fun making them and devouring them. I threw some fresh chopped avocado on top of mine. The top right photo is a comparison of a regular shell to the bite size. I was satisfied with just 1 serving. I haven't eaten at Taco Bells since my High School days. During that time I dined on value menus from McDonald's to Wendy's. Taco Bell was always my least favorite.

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