Monday, January 18, 2016

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

Let's all take time out of our schedules to remember and reflect on the efforts and services of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: a man who was willing to stand and confront injustice amidst great odds and adversity, a man willing to risk his own life and who was ultimately assassinated in the fight for equality, a man who utilized peace as his only weapon against hate, a man of God whom garnered strength from his Heavenly Father and channeled that strength to the people he served. The measure of a man's commitment is not reflected by what he's willing to accept, but by what he's willing to defend. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was committed to defending the rights of all Americans to have equal opportunity, as written in the United States Constitution. May his efforts not be squandered or lost, but remembered for every life he’s bettered!

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