Saturday, December 21, 2013

Breakfast: Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs

I've been wanting to try a recipe out of my Oxygen Magazine recipe book called fit eggs asparagus benedict. I end up changing that recipe around a bit to suit the ingredients I had in my pantry. A little help from Foodwishes YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven't already) and I was in business. 

Ingredients I used:
2 whole eggs.
2/3 serving of center cut bacon (2 slices).
1 natures own multi-grain english muffin.
8 fresh asparagus spears washed, cut, and dried.

I pretty much followed the recipe below changing a few things along the way. I used center cut bacon instead of prosciutto and toasted an english muffin for my base. My husband and I devoured every single bit of this open faced deliciousness. You can omit the bacon and use turkey bacon instead or no meat at all. Have fun with it. 

I still need to work on my poaching skills. lol!

Check out this video on how to poach eggs. The ice water trick worked like a charm. You can also search YouTube for more videos on egg poaching. 

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