Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Fitness Challenge: Squat-A-Thon

I found this challenge on Instagram and decided to give it a whirl. I like fitness challenges because they're motivating and fun when you have several people participating. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable too!

  • When you squat keep your abs tight, chest up, and eyes looking straight ahead. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground. When returning back to the start position push through your heels and contract your glutes. 
  • Knees should not go over your toes
  • You can break your squats into sets Ex. Do 2 sets of 10 squats resting only 45 to 60 seconds between each set.
  • If you need to break your sets up throughout the day. Ex. Do 1 to 2 sets in the morning and 1 to 2 sets in the afternoon or in the evening.
Below are different variations of squats using your own body weight and dumbbells.

Take a before picture today so that you can compare it to your after on Jan1st. Thanks for joining in! 

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