Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspirational Insight: Looking for LOVE in All the Wrong Places

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

God’s grace cannot be replaced, so why waste time on a wild goose chase?
Why seek to find what’s out of your reach? Why ask for directions? You’re not searching to find peace!
If you choose not to see He will not be revealed, but all who seek His face through faith will be healed
Seek and you shall find is more than a cliché’ “Jesus Is Real” should be the song of everyday!
If you don’t believe in God then believe in yourself, at least then you’ll know whom you can count on for help
If you believe that last statement I’ll continue to pray, because you’re far more lost than words could ever say
You need to find LOVE and not the love of your life, but the LOVE that saves you from eternal damnation and strife
A LOVE that brings peace, a LOVE that eases pain, a LOVE that loves His children all one in the same

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