Monday, October 8, 2012

September Faves

I found this bundle of joy while grocery shopping and decided to give it a whirl. Yummy! It's very filling containing two 1-cup servings per container. I paired 1 cup with a Panini sandwich. A definite must have for the cooler months.

This kitchen candle by Caldera smells heavenly! It's infused with natural essential oils of grapefruit, ginger and basil. I purchased this item at Target, who also carry soaps, lotions, oils and laundry detergents from the same product line.

These little 45-calorie wedges of cinnamon cream cheese are simply delightful! One wedge is just enough for a warm toasty bagel or english muffin. 

I decided to try the philosophy skin care line, purity made simple. I've been using it for about a month now and so far it's been working out great. I follow up the face wash with their hope in a jar SPF 25 moisturizer. They sell them from 3 oz and up which is great if you want to just test the product out.

I found this product at Target while shopping for cleaning supplies. The word natural caught my eye! As we all know, many household cleaning products have strong toxic scents that are dangerous to inhale. It cleans well and has a fresh eucalyptus mint fragrance. Check your local Target or click here to go to there website for more information on the various products they carry.

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