Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love the Elliptical Cross Trainer!

I love the Elliptical Cross Trainer! I like the fact that I'm able to use my entire body while on this machine without adding strain on my knees. I perform various workouts on the elliptical from intervals, to sprints, to hills, to the custom workouts already stored in the machine. While browsing the September issue of oxygen magazine, I came across a 47 minute elliptical cross trainer workout. I decided to put it to the test this past Friday. It was awesome and challenged every inch of my body. 

I was definitely dripping with sweat after this workout! I went to go work my abs right after I was done and surprisingly had a sudden boost of energy allowing me to perform my short shoulder routine. It's definitely a keeper in my workout regimen. I plan on performing this workout 3x a week on non weight training days. What's your favorite cardio machine?

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