Friday, August 24, 2012

My New Vibram FiveFinger Shoes

I have to admit my initial reaction to the Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes didn’t receive high praise. To me they looked weird, unappealing, and uncomfortable, and that was my position up until three months ago when I began searching for a new pair of running shoes.  After several failed attempts at finding a traditional sneaker that fit what I was looking for, I started to become more and more intrigued with these funny looking FiveFinger shoes. I took to YouTube, blogs, and the Vibram website to search for reviews, and to my surprise the majority of the feedback was extremely positive. I decided to entertain my curiosity even further by locating a store that carried Vibrams to experience the revolution for myself. The appearance takes time to get use to, not to mention it does feel like you’re putting a glove on your toes; however, with that being said, Vibram FiveFingers are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and are the equivalent to walking barefoot on any surface. The real test for these shoes would come at the gym during an intense cardio and weight training session.

To my delight the Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes lived up to their reviews! I like the fact that I can train in them as well as perform cardiovascular activities and exercises. All I can say is so far the proof is definitely in the pudding. I’ll continue to provide updates on their performance, and if you’d like more information on the Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes and store locations click here.


  1. My husband has those shoes. He drives me crazy when he wears them - which is not to work out.

    1. LOL! He just wears them casually out and about?


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