Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspirational Insight: Spiritual Transfusion

LORD your insight provides foresight, and your foresight provides more sight
This is why it’s easy to see you are the Living God
Without you I’m lost within myself, and with you I’ve found a purpose outside myself
Guide me with your light so I can always see through the darkness
Walk with me through the depths of temptation, and heal my spirit with the blood of salvation
I praise you, I love you, and I recognize your face
For if a man does not know his Father, he’ll fail at his responsibilities; however, if a man lay down his pride, the Holy Spirit will awaken him
For a man who cannot see, can only dream of the path he’s chosen 
Nor can a deaf man hear the cries of his bride
For you have made the woman a widow by mocking her for eternity
You’re a murderer of her spirit, because you lust while she loves unconditionally
Only a fool would invite the enemy to lie in his bed, and only an uncleanly man would attempt to wash his hands in the dark 
Deals are made without words being spoken, and a man needs no tongue to speak of his deeds 
For you can spot his inequities like a facial blemish, because he wears them like a badge of honor
For his company will judge him but he’ll be judged alone, and the enemy will not stand by his side but relish in his fate
A man ought to know up front who truly has his back, and a man ought to know his back cannot be hidden behind his front

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