Friday, March 2, 2012

Health Equals Wealth

Everyday of our lives we have to work harder and smarter to be afforded an opportunity to achieve success as minorities.  We hustle to garner a status we feel proud to display, only to allow our health to fade away.  I typically do not put a great deal of emphasis on statistics; however, studies suggest that by the year 2020 70% of black women will be obese.  That’s alarming figure no matter the race, creed, color, gender, age, or ethnicity!

We as a people owe it to our community to educate each other on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Far to often, we witness African Americans lose their lives due to dietary related illnesses. It’s understood that God is not a respecter of persons, and when we’re called home to bask in His glory it is simply our time to go; however, knowing this is not an excuse to bypass the warning signs and symptoms of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.

Time is not on our side, and time is by far the most precious resource we cannot afford to waste. We desperately need to take our health as seriously as we take our wealth.  Think about it, what’s the point of scraping, clawing, and saving to get ahead only to feel the deadly affects of our wellness falling behind. Health is definitely the new wealth, and we have to strive to preserve our lives: past, present, and future!

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