Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Organization

I have a small vanity in my master bathroom and find it hard to keep all my "stuff" organized. Last weekend while shopping at Target (my favorite store), I came across a variety of makeup organizers. Each one came in a different shape, size, and length. I no longer have all that annoying clutter across my sink, because all of my accessories have a place. I purchased my make-up organizer at Target for only $19 dollars.

I use mine to store my facial cleansers and lotions as well makeup. 

You can find these trays at Target online or in stores. They vary in price due to the product brand and construction (e.g. glass, plastic, or acrylic).

Clear Cosmetic Organizer - 23 Compartments.Opens in a new window
Clear Cosmetics Organizer $41.99

Caboodles Clear Acrylic Beauty Bazaar.Opens in a new window
Caboodles Clear Acrylic Beauty Bazaar $13.49


  1. I Like the shoe polish because it does not leave shoes greasy,and it has a nice gloss :)

  2. I always end up with clutter on both sides of the sink in our master bath. I dont know how my husband puts up with me. lol

    1. I was the same way until I got this organizer. We have a tiny counter so I try my best to keep it clutter free! lol


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