Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back 2 Natural: Esperanza Spalding

It's refreshing to experience an artist who sings from the heart, touches on issues that are inspiring, educates the listener, and provides a positive image and message. Esperanza Spalding is naturally beautiful for more reasons than her appearance, voice, and style. If you haven't been introduced to her God given talent, here's your opportunity to get familiar with what she has to offer. The song is entitled "Black Gold" and pays homage to what's inside all of us. I'm sure you'll appreciate and enjoy what you hear


  1. ITA! I love Esperanza and her music is very refreshing and shes soothing shes amazing! love her :]

  2. She is one of my MAJOR hairspirations! :)

  3. I want to inspire and teach my son these messages. You wouldn't believe that I had the "black" talk with him already. He notices how everyone is different, but now he can actually articulate properly what he wants to say. The main message I tried to get across that no one is better than the other because of their skin color. We are all equal, and we judge people by their kindness.

    1. I agree MrsW! I applaud you for taking the time out to explain these very things to your children. We can expect them to learn it in school or from anyone else. We need to be the ones to teach them.


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