Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random things I miss.....

  1. When people kept some of their business private.
  2. When you didn't have to text someone to see if it was okay to call.
  3. When people had manners.
  4. When you didn't need a computer for everything.
  5. When music was sung with emotion and appearance wasn't important.
  6. When we cared how we looked when we stepped out of the house.
  7. When people were more personable sans text, facebook, myspace, email, etc.
  8. When we looked out for one another.
  9. When gas was under a dollar.
  10. Receiving handwritten letters and cards.

What do you miss?


  1. 1. Reality TV is addictive, Facebook beef is entertaining, and Maury is hilarious. But I must concur dignity isnt a common trait now-a-days. I mean letting the world know your most intimate details via the media can have a back lash.

    2. I'm awkward. Lol I like to know beforehand when is a good time, if I dont really know you.

    3. Yes, I was raised saying Yes mame, No sir, please, thank you, and being courteous to elderly. I dont care for all this Respect me and I'll respect you crap. What happened to respecting authority, and listening to older people???

    4. See, I <3 my the internet. lol I love being able to jump on and look up WHAT EVER I want. I dont have to ask around, Google is my friend. :)

    5. I thought about this too. While I am young, I have noticed time and time again that now-a-days the music industry has a specific type of person they go for, before they even actually consider your talent. Take Ms. Etta James. *RIP* She was full figured, but she could blow. And not every man that got on stage was a looker either. *shrugs*

    6. I do think people care about how they look. But we need to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She may look like a hot ghetto mess with green and orange hair, and matching outfit. But to her, she is a work of art. And for those who enjoy fitted t shirts, no make up, old converse, and plain jeans *me* I put effort on occasions.

    7. I have to admit I met my husband on FB. lol He tried talking to me once, and I blew him off. And some months later he tried me again, and I was in a different state of mind. We then started to call each other, after a few months, hung out and the story goes on. :)

    8. Yep. I remember going to a neighbor's house for some sugar etc... I remember being watched by neighbors. I remember babysitting neighbor's kids. I remember community. But today we are more aware of the corrupted, so people shut themselves off and look out for numero uno. I actually thought it may be a bit different in the Armed Forces. I thought it would be nice to be greeted with baked goods, when I came to the neighborhood. lol

    9. I was thinking about this today. Even though I never personally experienced it. I was thinking, "man I couldve filled up on $10 if gas was like it used to be..."

    10. I actually asked my husband to write me a love letter for V-day and put it in a Snoopy V-day card. I used to keep all my love letters in shoe boxes as I grew up. Now I just have my husband's letters from basic. lol

    Sorry for grammar errors.

  2. Girl, I love this!! :)

    I miss seeing youth respect teachers, when pants did not sag in public, snow storms (we have not had any this "winter"in Maryland), hearing/watching my grandmother cook, the "girl next door" Mariah Carey, being a college student and working part time, and being able to wrap my hair at night! ;)

  3. Great Responses ladies! Ladies you can post something like this to your blog too! I think its fun! :)

  4. Hey LaChristin, hey i have something for you, can you e-mail me your home addy :)


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