Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Styling Tool: The Curl Detangler Brush

The Curl Detangler Brush

I have a new detangling brush! I decided to give it a try after watching a demonstration from India, in the video below. I used it this past Sunday and I love it! It glides through my hair with such ease. Retailing for only $10.00, I ordered it through Loving Your Hair With Natural Care. It's a must have for those with curly coily hair. I believe it would work just as good on straight hair as well.

 You can purchase one by contacting Felicia Leatherwood at or by posting your message directly to the website under Contacts.


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    1. It's definitely worth checking into! In total is was 10 + 4 to ship! Not bad for something that will make wash day a lot simpler. :)

  2. I am dying to get my hands on this brush. I just emailed her a little awhile ago to request one.

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    1. Hi Sue! Yes I still use it for detangling along with my wide tooth comb. Do you own one?

  4. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl :P
    Hey popping in, hey where were you when I needed help painting halfpints room rofl
    I can see us now
    PAINT FIGHT rofl

  5. You know that you can get that brush also at for $1.55 a piece. It’s the same brush but at a cheaper price, not paying $7.00 or $10.00 that some people were charging others to buy from them.

    To shop ~

  6. Tractor Supply Store $4.99


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