Monday, February 27, 2012

Fitness Inspiration: Alicia Harris

Got my Oxygen Magazine March issue!

When I first started my weight loss journey, I'd purchase magazines for information concerning health and fitness. In the past, I didn't initially pay close attention to the ethnicity of who was on the cover; however, looking back at previous issues I was taken aback by the lack of diversity. I find it to be inspirational when I catch sight of a balanced representation of women in and on the cover of periodical publications. To my surprise, I was extremely excited to see an African American female on the cover of the March issue of Oxygen! Oxygen Magazine is based out of Canada, and typically does an excellent job of showing women of all shades. I'm hoping this trend will hit the United States sooner than later!

I enjoyed this issue featuring Alicia Harris and another favorite of mine, Leigh HickombottomInside is a video from Alicia's photo shoot with Oxygen Magazine. Her body is amazing!


  1. She is awesome. I want that magazine. HISTORY!!!

  2. Hello Ms. Wilkerson! The magazine is great. You should definitely subscribe for a year. Great tips all around. :)


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