Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Randoms About Me

  1. I love reading.
  2. I taught myself how to drive.
  3. I had a strawberry shortcake banana seat bike.
  4. I used to wear hammer pants with patent leather shoes.
  5. I lost my Mother to complications of Graves Disease at the age of 8.

                                                                                Digital Curls


  1. Sorry about the loss of your mother, dear... I used to have the same bike!! :D (ironic) I used to own British Knights, the MC Hammer shoes... Lol! :)

    1. Thanks Sis! I had those BK's too! lol! I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake! lol

  2. Hey Hun
    thanks for sharing with us a little bit about yourself.
    I also love to read...hence the blog.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I do 5 randoms about myself periodically on my blog. I've been by your blog and I love it! Keep up the good work. Thank you for the support! :)

  3. 1. Ditto
    2. Good job... couldnt see myself doing that. lol
    3. To cute, lol.
    4. ha ha ha
    5. I feel bad for your loss. Having your mother there, to fight with, to learn from, to look up to is an important part of a female's up bringing. But you certainly arent lacking. :)


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