Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Start Living Healthy!


Tips on how to get started on your way to a Healthier Lifestyle:

  • Make it a LIFESTYLE change instead of a diet! (Diet = Temporary).

  • Come up with a plan(exercising, eating balanced meals).

  • Replace junk food with healthier options (whole grains, multi-grains, healthy oils, etc).

  • Balance ( It's okay to enjoy food, but don't go to extremes with it).

  • Be motivated to want to do it for YOURSELF

When I first started on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, my focus was; I'm doing it for myself and for my kids. I wanted to live longer and I knew the way I was eating was going to lead me to health problems down the road. My husband immediately jumped on board with the idea. We made it a family Lifestyle change. Even if you don't have the support of your family, children, or friends do it for you. Lead by example and sooner or later others will jump on board! Click here to read tips on how to keep yourself motivated.

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