Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year Breakfast: BLT + Egg

BLT + Egg

I had to take a picture of the spinach and strawberries because they looked so good. Don't you think?

I love this bread! Oroweat sandwich thins come in whole wheat, white, honey and multi-grain as pictured above. 

Ready to assembly!

This was sandwich was light, filling, and simply delicious. If you don't like eggs simply omit them. Either way you can't go wrong getting in a serving of fruit and vegetables to start the day.


  1. That looks great!! The bread looks too healthy, lol! How did it taste?

  2. CCG, the bread taste great! It didn't taste grainy at all. You should definitely try it.

  3. I will keep that break in mind definintly, but you know I cant do that egg. Turkey bacon, fresh spinach, cheese, yeah you got me.

  4. HAAAAAAAAPPY New Year La Christin

  5. Renee, Happy New Year hun! I heart you guys :)

  6. MrsWardy, LMBO! I thought about you with the feta cheese and spinach! So good, right!


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