Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! How blessed I am to have made it through 2011. I have plenty to be thankful for, and I learned a great deal last year about myself, marriage, and family. I've experienced positive growth following the Holy Spirit, and I plan on taking the knowledge God has given me as I journey through 2012. I have not made it a habit to make New Years resolutions; however, I've constructed a list of measurable goals to accomplish this year. I pray that you all have a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year! God Bless!



  1. I have in a way always kept a resolution, in some form or fashion. And honestly I'm a bit discouraged about this years. I want to overcome my procrastonation, in a few ways. One is school, and the gym. I am really intimidated with the gym and doing workouts that will hurt. I feel like I'm just going to give up in the end, so apart of me is hesitant to even start. Idk what to do either... just get up and do it, is better said then done.

  2. MrsWardy, I'm working on time management with all the things I do in a days work. I'm a stay home mom, but often feel there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. I've been writing down 2 or 3 things I can accomplish in one day and executing them. It's working so far.

    I understand being intimidated by the gym. I was the same way when I first started going. I would go in and find the furthest cardio machine to work out on away from everybody. All I did was cardio for the first 6 months. Was too scared to venture into the weight room, Long story short, I end up getting over my fear with a little help from a friend. Baby steps is what I say. I should do a post about this to encourage you and others. :)


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