Friday, January 27, 2012

Feel Rich in 2012...Health is the New Wealth

I feel so much better now that I eat healthier. I still enjoy eating some of my favorite foods, but in moderation. That phrase "you are what you eat" is right on the money! Ask any person that partakes in an excessive unhealthy diet, how they feel? I bet the answer is not going to be energetic or fueled. Health plays such an important role in the well being of our lives.  You can't help what you inherit through your family genes, but you can control what you put into your body. Health is the New Wealth! 


  1. India is great. She is so flip'n inspiring! And I must agree with both of you. What you eat makes a HUGE difference. So I ended my fast on the 31st and today I ate a slice of pepperoni pizza. I felt sick, and had no energy. It wasnt worth it. I just ate a some talapia, brown rice, and roasted veggies on a small saucer *like you advised* and I'm full, satisfied and content. lol Keep me in your prayers for my Spiritual, and Physical success. :)

  2. Yes! That is awesome MrsW! I'm happy to hear the smaller plate method worked. See you got this in the bag! Even if you have a bad day, know there is always another day ahead. Prayers are sent up for your spiritual and physical success!

  3. If you wish to try pizza again, skip the greasy take out stuff and opt for making your own. I will be doing a post on this soon. :)


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