Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Chop Inspiration

I had been transitioning for four months and was up late one night looking at Natural Hair Journey videos. I came across the video above and after watching made the decision to stop transitioning. The very next morning I made an appointment to get my relaxed ends cut off. The raw emotion she displayed touched me in such a profound way. It symbolized the strain we place on ourselves when it comes to our hair, and at the same time represented the freedom of letting go of that strain and creating a new beginning. 

I Big Chopped in 2009 and haven't looked back. Best decision I've made for my hair! 


  1. Oh My GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD I Loooove how the hair cut came out, So adorable, and sexy :)

  2. Thanks Renee darling! I had so much fun wearing my hair short. It was so liberating especially in a society where long hair is the norm!

  3. I agree with Renee! I fell the same-best decision I could have made for my hair! :)


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