Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inspirational Insight


Yesterday Offers 
Faith for Today

Lord, your faithfulness is so evident when I look at my life today. I still have my list of things I want to achieve or of the flaws I hope to turn over to You, but just look at how far I have come. When I look back on my past struggles, I see how You lifted me out of my trench of doubt. You told me I mattered because I was Your own. You also didn't let me settle, when settling seemed so acceptable. I just wanted a little bit of relief, and You were offering complete healing. How limited my perspective is!

Today affirms all that I know about You, because in the clarity of hindsight there is not a bit of doubt. May my today be a testimony to Your grace, which is so evident when I survey my yesterdays.

One-Minute Prayers for Women


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